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Can I use my old PIN code on my new signature device (smartcard or USB token)?

No, the valid PIN is supplied with the signature device, but it can be changed later by selecting "cambio PIN" [change PIN] under strumenti-opzioni [tools-options].

I entered the incorrect PIN code three times during the signature procedure. How can I unlock the card?

In the FirmaCerta programme, go to strumenti-opzioni [tools-options], click sblocco smartcard [unlock smartcard] and use the PUK code provided in the security envelope to set a new PIN.

Where can I find the device number?
The device number is included in the receipt issued to holders with the device or, in the case of the Smart Card, printed on the card.

I entered the incorrect PUK three times in a row. What can I do?
The PUK code is a security code; if it is entered incorrectly three times, the signature device is locked and can no longer be used. As such, before entering the PUK (to unlock the device), make sure to read it carefully and enter it correctly.

I digitally signed a document; why does it not look any different to the unsigned document?
Digital signing is not a graphic process; rather, it involves an extension being added to the document when certificates are applied to it during the signature procedure. As such, a digitally signed document does not display the user's name and surname, but its extension will change to .p7m and it will include the certificates of the user who signed the document.

I need to send a digitally signed document in PDF format. How do I do it?
Go to strumenti-opzioni [tools-options] and make sure the firma il pdf mantenendo il formato originale [maintain original format when signing PDF files] option is ticked, then proceed with the document signing operation.  It should be noted that the option to maintain the original format is only available for .pdf documents.

I need to see my professional seal on a digitally signed document. Why can't I see it?
Seals can only be applied to .pdf documents, and only if the original .pdf extension of the document is maintained. As such, go to strumenti-opzioni [tools-options] and make sure the firma il pdf mantenendo il formato originale [maintain original format when signing PDF files] option is ticked.

Why can't I timestamp a document?
The timestamp procedure is only available to users with a FirmaCerta timestamp package. Users with the package who require support should consult the timestamp procedure manual available at the following link: “Timestamp Manual.pdf“.

On average, how long does it take to receive the signature certificate?

In the case of a remote signature, the activation process takes a few hours;

in the case of a physical signature device, the time required to prepare and ship the physical devices must also be taken into account.


Can one person hold multiple digital signatures from the same provider, in order to have a backup in case of loss?

Absolutely. A person can hold multiple signatures from the same provider.


What procedure should be followed in the event of theft or loss?

The suspension/revocation request form should be submitted as soon as possible, and is available here:


In the event of theft or loss, how long does it take to issue a new digital signature?

Once the certificate is suspended or revoked, it will take the time required to issue a new device.


Can I activate the device without connecting to a PC?
Yes, activation is possible without connecting the Smart Card or Sim Card Token to your PC.

I entered the wrong digits three times during activation and locked the procedure. What should I do?
Contact the helpdesk. The technicians will unlock the activation procedure to allow you to continue.




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