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FirmaCerta - Configuring and using a Remote Signature (MacOS)


In order to use a remote digital signature certificate, it is necessary to:

  1. be in possession of the digital blind envelope containing the PIN for use;

  2. have activated the OTP (One Time Password) reception mode;
    OTP Android Configuration
    OTP iOS Configuration 

  3. have correctly installed the FirmaCerta software
    How to install FirmaCerta software



FirmaCerta can be used to sign any document using one of the following methods:

  • Drag & Drop: Drag the file(s) to be digitally signed to the FirmaCerta software window, let go and click the “Sign" icon (multiple files can be dragged and dropped simultaneously).
    From the toolbar, go to File > Add File to search your computer for the file you want to sign.
  • Via the software: Click the Sign icon directly to search your computer for the file you want to sign.



Here's how to digitally sign a file using a Remote Signature

Having loaded the file to be signed and clicked Sign, the user will be asked to select a destination folder to save the signed document in.
For the purposes of this example, a dedicated folder was created in advance for the digitally signed files; in this case, the user should select Signed Documents and then click Open.




Select a signature format

Select CAdES to sign the file in .p7m format.


Select PAdES to sign the file in .pdf format.


Note: The format to be used to sign the document can only be selected in the case of .pdf extension files. For all other file formats, the .p7m extension will be applied automatically.
Select Don not ask again for the preferences to be saved and applied automatically; to undo this selection, go to Options.


Select a reason for signing

This function offers the option of adding additional information when signing the document, specifically the reason, location and contact information.

Note: This function is only available for PDF format documents. Users can choose whether to use this function, as it is an Optional Step.



Complete the signature process

Confirm that you wish to sign the file


Select Remote Signature from the drop-down menu.

Note: the option to select a device will only be available if a USB reader or USB Token is inserted in the computer.



Entering remote signature parameters

To retrieve the remote signature certificate data, Enter the Username provided at the time of registering the data.
Click Retrieve to auto-fill the Virtual Device and OTP Token Type fields.

mceclip7.png    mceclip8.png

If you have an SMS OTP, click on "Send SMS" to receive the OTP code.

If you have a TOKEN OTP, follow the instructions for the TOKEN OTP Configuration.


Enter the PIN received in a Digital or Hardware Security Envelope in the PIN field.
Click Send SMS and enter the code received in the OTP field Complete the procedure by clicking OK.

mceclip9.png  mceclip10.png


Once the operation has been processed, click OK to complete the signing process.

mceclip11.png    mceclip12.png



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