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FirmaCerta - How to sign a file in PAdES format (PDF)

FirmaCerta can be used to sign any document using one of the following methods:

  • Drag & Drop: Drag the file(s) to be signed to the FirmaCerta software window, let go, and then click the SIGN icon; multiple files can be dragged and dropped simultaneously.
  • From the file: Use the mouse to right-click directly on the icon of the file(s) to be signed and select “Sign” from the drop-down menu.
  • Via the software: Click the SIGN icon directly to search your computer for the file you want to sign.

Upload the file to be signed to the programme, and click SIGN.


Here's how to digitally sign a PDF file in PAdES format.

Once the user clicks "Sign", a window will appear asking them to specify the format to use to sign the document.

  • Press Yes to apply a PAdES signature, maintaining the .pdf format (only valid for PDF files).
  • Press No to apply a CAdES signature, in .p7m format.


Select a destination folder for the signed file, then click OK.


Proceed with the signing operation by pressing Yes.

N.B.  We recommend creating a dedicated folder in which to save the digitally signed files.


Enter the PIN of the digital signature device and click OK.


Select the reason for signing (optional).


Using the green marker, choose where to place the logo.


Confirm placement by pressing Yes


Customise logo display (optional), click OK.


Once the operation has been processed, click OK to complete the procedure.





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