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Namirial Sign - Info App

Download and install the App on your device (Windows or MacOS) via the following links: 

Once correctly installed, start the software.mceclip1.png


When opening, you will need to create a My Namirial account or, if you already have one, log in with your credentials. 




Once logged in, one's home screen will be visible. 




The functions available via the App are: 

  • Sign: through this operation it will be possible to sign a document with one's own signature device (remote or physical) in CadES or PadES format.
  • Verify: through this operation you will be able to verify a digitally signed document and, if necessary, validate your own signatures on the document.
  • Decrypt: through this operation it will be possible to open an encrypted document.

  • Drafts: in this area, it will be possible to resume and finish already started signature projects.
  • Preferences: via this area, it will be possible to change the app's preferences, e.g. change the licence via the "Upgrade" button, change the language in which the app is used, get an overview of the certificates or time stamps associated with one's user.

    mceclip0.png mceclip1.png mceclip2.png


In addition, the following will be displayed: 

  • Counters: up-to-date list of all products associated with your user (e.g. Time Stamps) with their expiry dates and inventories, continuously updated.
  • Recent operations: updated list of all operations carried out recently.


To learn all the details of Namirial Sign's functionalities, please also read the articles:




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