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Digital Blind Envelope: Decrypting Procedure

After issuing the Remote Signature (associated with Digital Blind Envelope), the User receives an email from (subject: ISSUANCE OF DIGITAL SIGNATURE DEVICE).

The Email includes:

In the body

The link to the Digital Blind Envelope decryption procedure:



As an attachment

The Encrypted PDF (“Digital Blind Envelope”) containing the PIN of the remote signature: 




Click the link in the body of the email to reach the following page:




Click now on “Send code via SMS”. If the request is successful, the following message will be displayed:


At the same time, the decryption code will be sent to the user via SMS, to the mobile number associated with the Namirial Account.

The code received via SMS can be used to open the encrypted PDF:



and reveal the PIN associated with the remote signature:




If the problem persit

Contact us










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