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Namirial Account: password reset

Te procedure for the reset of the password associated with the Namirial account is here available:

The procedure consists of the four steps illustrated next.


Step 1 – reaching the Username Recovery procedure

Reach the following URL:

Click the “Forgotten password” link:


You will be given access to the Password Reset procedure.


Step 2 – entering the Username

Enter the Username associated with the Namirial ID, then click “Confirm username”:



Step 3 – OTP or Emergency Code

Enter now one of the following codes:

A) Security code

Insert the Security Code you received via email along with Namirial ID credentials:




-Select the OTP type then insert one OTP,

-Tick now the Captcha validation checkbox and click the “Confirm and continue” button.

If the inserted data are valid and correct, the following message will be displayed:



Step 4 - receiving the Password via email

At the end of a successfully completed procedure, the you will receive via email the temporary password associated to the Namirial account:

  • Sender of the email:
  • Email’s subject: Namirial - Reset Password

The password is temporary, when accessing the private area you will have to choose a new (non-temporary) password. An OTP will be required to complete the procedure.



If the problem persit

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