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FirmaCerta - Installation FirmaCerta software (MacOS)

Download the software from the following site, section Download > Software Firmacerta > Versione Desktop per Mac.


Then, start FirmaCerta.dmg file:

  1. Drag the file Firmacerta into the folder Applications
  2. Start the packet hid-switch-signed.pkg
  3. Start the packet bit4id-middleware-user-signed.pkg (once the installation of this packet will be completed it will be necessary to restart the system).


Attention: At the first start of FirmaCerta software a warning message will be shown to the user to inform that: “FirmaCerta software belongs to a non-identified developer”.
This message appears for all the application that does not belong to Apple Store.



To choose to ignore the security setting opening in any case the app:

  1. In Finder > Applications, find the app to open.
    Please, don’t use Launchpad for this operation because Launchpad does not allows accessing to the quick menu.
  2. Click on the icon of the app pressing the Ctrl key (alternatively, click using the right button), then choose Open from the quick menu.
  3. Clicking on Open you will confirm to open anyway the app that will be saved as an exception in the security settings, so in the future the user will be able to open it with a double click on the app itself, as an authorized application.

    mceclip3.png         mceclip4.png


The user can authorize an exception for an app previously locked, clicking on the button “Open Anyway” from the panel General in preferences panel “Security & Privacy”.
To open this panel choose from the menu Apple > System Preferences… and click on “Security & Privacy”, then click on General.
Once you have tried to open the app this button is available for one hour approximately.



If the problem persit

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