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Namirial Sign - PIN change, PIN unlock, PUK change

Before following the PIN change, PIN unlocking or PUK change procedure, it is necessary to be in possession of the blind envelope (scratch card or digital) associated with the signing device.


After connecting the device to the Pc and starting the Namirial Sign software:

2. select the signing device and click on Change PIN, Unlock PIN or Change PUK;


3. enter the PIN or PUK (depending on the code you intend to change) contained in the blind envelope associated with the signing device and set a new PIN or PUK, of 8 digits, in the appropriate fields;


4. click on CHANGE PIN (or CHANGE PUK) to complete the operation.

- In the case of 3 incorrect PUK code entries, the device will permanently lock, requiring a new purchase.

- In case the user has lost the PIN/PUK credentials and the blind envelope that contained them, it will be necessary to purchase a new signature device.

- The remote signature does not have the PUK code.




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