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Namirial Sign - How to use a timestamp

Download and install the Namirial Sign App on your device (Windows or macOS) via the following links:

For more info, see the article: Namirial Sign - Info App

Once successfully installed, start the Namirial Sign applicationmceclip1.png


To affix a timestamp, click on Timestamp from the home screen.




Drag the document to be marked in the appropriate box or upload it using the "Choose File" button.
Select the file and click "Next" to continue.




Select the format of the file that will be produced once timestamped:

  • TSD: the time stamp will be associated with the document
  • TSR: the time stamp will be placed in a separate file

Click on "Next".




Enter the credentials (username and password) of the purchased timestamp package.


mceclip3.png    mceclip4.png


Once logged in, you will be able to view remaining timestamps or purchase more by clicking on "Purchase timestamps"

Click on "Next".




Choose the folder in which the time-stamped file will be saved and click on "Confirm" botton.




Wait for the operation to complete.





If the problem persit

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