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How do I purchase a Remote Digital Signature from the Namirial Shop website?

You can purchase a Remote Signature by going to the website:   .

Once the purchase is complete, you will receive an e-mail (to the address provided during registration) with the Shop no. and/or Order no. in the subject line. It will contain a voucher that you can use to activate the Remote Digital Signature.

N.B. Check your Spam and/or Unwanted folder for the e-mail.

Once you click the link (voucher) received, you will be asked to select an identification method.


Once the registration procedure is complete and the data has been confirmed, you will receive the following 3 e-mails:

  • "Signature Device Issuance" containing the security envelope (via PDF attached) and manuals with information on Signing Documents.
  • "Activation Confirmation" containing your username and password to access the reserved area (, where users can sign.
  • "Signature Device Association" containing the serial number of the activated Signature Device.

N.B. The Remote Signature process offers the option to sign with the PIN (received by e-mail in the security envelope), the OTP provided by the NAMIRIAL VIRTUAL OTP Application, to be installed on your smartphone, username and device code (received by e-mail).



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