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What are Time Stamps and what are they used for?

  • What is time stamping?
    The electronic document time stamping service involves the Certification Authority generating a digital signature for the document (which may be in addition to that of the signatory), associated with information concerning a certain date and time. A time stamped file (with .m7m extension) contains the document for which time validation is requested and the stamp issued by the Certification Authority.

  • When is time stamping required?
    Time stamping is required to provide information on the exact date and time that a document was written and/or signed, for example when participating in tenders and contests.

  • What do I need to stamp a file?
    You need to have purchased the Time Stamping package and installed the FirmaCerta software and Bit4id driver.
  • I lost my credentials for the Time Stamping service. What should I do?
    Users who have lost their credentials should contact technical support at:, with the following information in the subject line: "RECOVER TIME STAMP CREDENTIALS", specifying the Username and/or Tax Code of the account holder.

  • Can I use a Time Stamp even if I don't have a Digital Signature?
    Yes. You do not need to have a Digital Signature to use a Time Stamp.



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