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Namirial OTP Android App Configuration version 4.7.0

Namirial OTP is an application for mobile devices dedicated to the generation of One Time Password (OTP).
This kind of password is used when is required a high level of security authentication (strong authentication).

The Virtual OTP may be required for the use of Remote Signature or to access to the private area of Namirial services.


To install the App and activate your OTP Token: 

  1. log on to with your Namirial credentials (received by email);


  2. Scan the QR Code with your mobile device's camera (smartphone or tablet);


    ATTENTION: If you are accessing your Private Area directly from your mobile device, tap on 'OTP Configuration' to proceed.

  3. follow the installation instructions of the Namirial OTP App on your mobile device;

  4. Open the App, enter an OTP Name and click on "Request SMS Code".
    The "OTP Name" field is the label attributable to the individual OTP token for which any name can be chosen. The label helps to identify the token to be used in the event that several tokens are activated on the app at the same time;


  5. enter the code you received by SMS, select "Enable OTP" and wait for the code to be verified;


  6. set a PIN code of your choice.
    The PIN is only required to open the app.
    At the end of the procedure you will be asked if you want to add unlocking the Namirial OTP App also via biometric system (TouchID or FaceID).

    ATTENTION: If you lose your PIN, you will need to reinstall the application.


  7. Once the PIN is set, your OTP will be correctly configured and ready for use.




To add an OTP Token on your Namirial OTP App

You can add a new OTP token on your App via the "Scan QR" or "Add OTP Token" functions:

  • Scan QR:
    After logging into your reserved area, click on "Click here" and scan the QR code on the web page via the App.


  • Add OTP Token:
    You will have to enter the required data in the App and proceed to activation.

The Namirial OTP app is available free of charge for iOS and Android, on the App Store or Google Play.



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